KODEN KGP-98 GPS Navigator

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Product Name: KODEN GPS Navigator
Model No: KGP-98
We have many different spares and complete equipment of Koden on stocks in Turkey and Germany.

All spare parts and equipments are testing by trained engineers in our facilities. We follow manufacturer instructions for maintenance of equipment and software updates. Our certified engineers make sure to always test our equipment and spares, so we are able to offer quality products to our customers.

Our experienced and trained service engineers can be on board with spares any where in the world and in shortest time. Due to our office locations, we have direct flight possibilities over 350 destinations which allow us to be able to attend vessel in a short time.

Please send us your inquiry for Koden KGP-98 spares or other equipment and we reply immediately. Moreover, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to offer the best solutions to your concerns.

We intend to deliver our products as fast as possible, so our customers are able to get their products on time.

Save money and earth: buy reconditioned Koden or other reconditioned spares.

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